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What we can achieve together

  • Use the opportunity to carry out research in the area of cultured meat or, for example, into egg substitutes.

  • Our contacts might be helpful: Are you interested in

    • Contacts to researchers working on cultured meat? Here we have a list which we could send you on demand.
    • Contacts to existing small and bigger companies producing and selling vegetarian meats, non-dairy milk drinks and egg replacements? Then please visit our specific pages on this website, and scroll down to the link-lists at the end of the pages!
    • The opportunity to circulate your innovative ideas throughout the vegetarian and animal welfare movement worldwide?
    • Funding? If you have a particularly interesting project, we might be able to help, as we have funding contacts, too.

  • With this website we want to pass on information about the huge market potential, the challenges, the opportunities and the current developments to each of the relevant areas.

  • If you have information or links that would be relevant for us, or any comments or suggestions, then we would very much like to hear from you. Thank you!

  • We are also doing some media work, it is also possible that we might cooperate in this field, too.

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